Wiring Upgrades & More from a Trusted Name in Commercial Electric

J P Electric of Hinsdale, New Hampshire, is the premier source for dependable commercial electric work! From wiring upgrades to lighting retrofits, our services are sure to suit your commercial needs.
Electrician and Wires

Catering to Your Business

Install new wiring and lights, upgrade existing wiring, and so much more around your business. Just turn to our contractor, and we'll complete the job for you, no matter the size. Services are available for both new construction and existing properties, and include:
• Panel Replacements & Upgrades
• Underground Circuit Installations
• Commercial Service Upgrades
• Pole Lighting Installations
• Security Lighting Installations
• Exiting Light Installations
• Parking Lot Lighting Installations
• Track Lighting Installations
• Emergency Lighting Installations
• Lighting Retrofits
• Fluorescent Lighting Installations
• Fire Alarm Installations
• Solar Energy Installations
• Signage Power & Lighting Installations
Contact us to ensure you wiring upgrade or other project is done properly with our services.